"50 ki thali" wale

Something from our hearts?

People dont respect the food quality, 

everything they need is dirt cheap, 

to fulfill this vendors use unhealthy standards to buy materials, cook meals to make out a profit.

Even if he tries to improve his quality, people dont recognize the difference what type of Rice, Dal, Sabji they were eating then & now, and start reacting that its expensive.

One must be aware of what you are eating at a Rs.50 per plate dhaba, & a home made meal thats delivered at your doorstep. They are ready to eat unhealthy,unhygienic,stale food as far as its cheap.

A tiffin service operates on very low margins, so low that it can shut-down anytime, because of the people who are not willing to pay a fraction more. Its a social ethical responsibility of a customer towards a service like this to be willing to pay what he deserves. Not what you are willing to pay him. Because customers even expect us to provide them meals at Rs.40 (Home delivered). I dont need such customers. I dont fear negative comments from them, i even advise them free lunch & dinner at Langars. 

Order my test meal, and then if one still think "50 ki thali" was better. One can continue there. I dont like to serve people who dont understand difference between "50 ki Thali" & my home cooked food, thats delivered at your doorstep. 

I am selling a FULL MEAL @ Rs.80 (which is actually much lower price as compared to the value i am offering)

Only few people understand, and i am waiting for them to subscribe :)

Others can eat "50 ki thali"

My visitors reading this may feel that this guy has a lot of attitude, and feel negative about me. But i am true to myself, i believe people who share similar opinions will be happy to allow me to serve them.

If i don't take this "50 ki thali" wale comments seriously my movement of providing healthy hygienic nutritious fresh home cooked food will die a sad death.

I do business with PRIDE & ETHICS, none of my staff touches any food item or vessel without sanitizing his hands, i take my customers health very very seriously. 

My family eats the same food thats cooked for my customers. My customers are my extended family. I need foodies that share almost similar PRIDE towards ETHICAL behavior and healthy food.