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Purchasing of Raw Material

We purchase best available raw materials from reputable vendors.

 Vegetables are mostly purchased fresh before cooking day, if not they are stored in a dry area to avoid rotting over time. 

Clean Kitchens, Healthy Kitchens

If you have seen a commercial road side kitchen, you will realize "what we are not"

Eating from such places have never been a good idea.

Our Kitchens are purely home kitchens in Society Co-operative Apartments, requiring to maintain hygiene and no odour, also limit the amount of smoke coming from our kitchen.

The Washing Cleaning & Chopping

Neatly washed corriander leaves, to get rid of mud and other dirt stuck on the stem is one of the examples how detail we are with taking care of washing, cleaning & chopping of herbs, spices and fresh vegetables.

Monitoring Worker Health, Manners & Clothes

Our staff manages each meal as if it were prepared for a guest at their house. We have a team with great ethical values & respect for food hygiene. Regular medical checkups of workers & granting them leaves during sickness is mandatory as per our policy. Sneezing Coughing etc is not allowed while in kitchen or near food.

Use of High Grade Aluminium Foil packing

We use high grade aluminium foil packing for our food parcels.

Clean Packing hands, Clean delivery hands

Even if the food cooked in best hygienic environment, wrong hands for packaging or delivering the food makes all efforts useless.

We thus take care that the best hygiene methods are used by workers who come in contact with food or they way its kept after its packed

We will never provide food in Tiffin boxes

  • Returned Tiffin boxes are not clean. They contain odor & left overs.
  • Customers don't accept the fact, that washing Tiffins is not service providers responsibility, we only charge customers for the food (we are not tiffin washers)
  • If we start packing the food in the tiffins in the condition that we get back from customers, it would sure be filthy experience, clearly devaluing our brand.
  • Sorry to say, but some people expect hygiene from us, but fail to maintain same themselves, our tiffins were kept one full day unwashed & returned to us when we delivered the next meal.
  • We have to wash them at our end, to meet hygiene standards. But it took a lot of our efforts to do so and was completely compromising on our hygiene standards. Also cleaning oily tiffins need lot of flowing water. 
  • In Bulk cleaning all tiffins are washed together. All tiffins get mixed up, there is no surety you would get back your tiffin in which you ate yesterday. 
  • It was time to look forward for newer, better & healthier alternatives.

  • We pack food in hygienically sealed foil packets (at no extra cost to customer) This packaging must be opened with a scissor. Or
  • You can order meals in disposable food trays at extra cost.
  • Please take note: We are a very reasonable priced, budget friendly, yet premium meal service. All our meal prices are based on sealed foil packaging (free). Food trays are not included in our pricing

If you wish to read, A short read before you start

  • Different people have different expectations with tiffin services. Some argue on quantity, Some argue on taste ( we remember a customer saying, i don't like your food, said her mom cooked much better) I mean seriously its a complete different case all together if you are missing your moms cooked food, the taste of which, sure we wont be able to match, how can we guarantee your satisfaction?
  • In another case a customer hated Veg Meals, so whenever there was a veg day he asked us to cancel the veg and make an Egg omlette for him. And one fine day he says: "Aap food me variety nai de rahe kafi din se" I politely said: Sirji, aap hamesha veg meal skip karke omlette banva dete ho, saari variety to aap skip kar jate ho.
  • Also as region differs in india the expectation from food also differs greatly.
  • It’s a near impossible task to meet all expectations of our taste buddies. Still our Punjabi-Marathi fusion, is designed to get all positive feedbacks, 
  • Our dishes are home made, do not expect hotel style taste, as we don’t add those taste enhancers and adding cream and dry fruits every dish makes it what we dont prefer our Menu to look like (unhealthy & unhomely)
  • Sorry, but Some People dont respect the food quality, everything they need is dirt cheap, there is a huge market of such people, to fulfill this vendors use unhealthy resources & standards to buy materials, cook meals to make out a profit.
  • One must be aware that Dhaba & Lunch home meals will be always cheaper, for obvious reasons, i wont discuss here. If your eyes can see, and nose can smell, you can understand the difference.
  • Making food tasty is easier. Making food healthy is difficult
  • There is no Substitute for GOOD HEALTH
  • Home cooked food is all about Nutritional value & Balanced Indian Diet
  • Our food can be kept for long hours and will not become stale ( if kept at normal room temperatures)
  • We have Zero Food Wastage policy. Minimize water waste & respectful job opportunities for less privileged men & women. Raise healthy food awareness & provide Panch Rupay me Khana (meals in 5 rupees) to govt hospitals, orphanages & old age homes.
  • Operating at homes means, women working with us have access to neat & clean washrooms. A comfortable environment to do their jobs.
  • (After deducting taxes, payment gateway fee, Packaging & Delivery, Our actual meal price we get is around Rs. 50)
  • Please respect the wafer thin margins we operate on. But with your support its possible to achieve this target and so we are doing it and keep functional
  • But we don’t let you realize that, because the quality we deliver is way above the cost to us, per meal.
  • There are street vendors that maintain no hygiene and sanitary standards but there people will pay Rs.35 for a toast sandwich or Rs.45 for a Masala Dosa, Rs.80 for a Fried Rice & the list continues...

Please take note before subscribing

Lunch & Dinner Order Timings:

Regular Last lunch Booking or Cancellation is at 12:00 midnight (**we have to soak pulses etc for long hours**)

Regular Last Dinner Booking or Cancellation is at 10:00am same day (**we have to soak pulses etc for long hours**) 

  • Dear Sir/Madam, Quantity of food items differs from plan to plan. Sabji in a plan with 2 chapatis (like Mini Meal) will be less as compared to Sabji in a plan with 3 chapatis (Like Standard Meal)
  • Dear Sir/Madam, Our meal quantities are fixed and well proportioned. Please do not argue later on. Please order a trial meal of a specific plan to check if it suits your requirements.
  • Our Subscriptions are weekly (not monthly)
  • (as a result of heated arguments) Arguments on Quantity of meal items: We wont change any item quantity for the sake of argument, if not satisfied we request to try other service available.
  • (as a result of heated arguments) Arguments on Chicken & Paneer Pieces: Please consider local prices of chicken & paneer before arguing, do not just request to add more pieces. Again, Check our meal prices. We don’t want to give any more justification. If you get more Chicken & Paneer pieces elsewhere, you are most welcome to order from there henceforth
  • Our Menu is different from other Tiffin Service? Please note that, our Menu is of a professional service. We don’t add water in Chole or Dal to increase quantity. We provide meals to VIP clientele.
  • We don’t set up buffet, we don’t do catering services: We only provide box meals or packed meals to a venue. Please refer to our website or call 9594396988 to know more about VIP meal service
  • (as a result of heated arguments) Special Requests: Please pay extra for any special requests. Do not ask for free favors. We don’t buy it for free either.
  • We will not be able to continuously chat or talk with you for every other meal (or every other day) Please don't feel neglected.
  • Dear Sir/Madam, In Meal Plans its written for e.g. (3 Chapati, Sabji, Dal, Rice) It doesnt mean you will get only Dal daily or Normal Rice daily, The menu is updated on the website. Please check to know more.
  • Dear Sir/Madam, Please Do not ask if we provide 2 different sabji? We don’t. We only prepare one Sabji per day, and thats updated before the week starts. But if you dont like any meal item, you can whatsApp us for any concerns, we will be most happy to help you with alternatives. We dont want to force our Menu on you. Thank You
  • Dear Sir/Madam, Please Do not ask if i can get this in place of that. You will get what is specified in your meal plan. Thank You
  • If you dont like any dish on the Weekly Menu or you are allergic to, we will try to suggest alternate options. If you dont like that too, we humbly request, you should not order for that day.
  • Dear Sir/Madam, Food packaging, appearance, Ethnicity, Taste, Quality, Quantity and Rates are subjective. Please dont be quick to judge. Its a subscription service. You will be in right state to comment once you have used our service for a week at least. We like to get positive and negative comments and corrections. And love to hear when customers say "i am a big time foodie, if you follow my suggestions you will go a long way" "Make this masala like this & cook this dal like this, chicken should be cooked slightly more" etc. etc. But sometimes, it goes way too far to handle for us, hope you'all understand we have to cook for 100s of people with different tastes, and we make sure our Menu should be the right balance for all our customers. At least we attend our customers calls & reply to every query and dissatisfaction, we are not hiding behind a chatBot when our customer needs a clarification. But still, If you dont like the food (for any reason thats valid to you) or quantity or pricing, its a humble request, you can discontinue any time, rather than arguing with us. Thank You
  • Daily Salad, Achar & Papad is not included in meal price.. But we include them in our menu as complimentary few days a week. Please refer to weekly Menu for the same to get an idea. Or Else You can order it as extra
  • Pl. Note: Have a scissor near you for opening sealed foil pouches.
  • Dear Sir/Madam, When talking to our executives, please do not give examples of cheap rates of other services available in market. We are here to help you with all your concerns, except pricing. Thank You
  • Deliveries for offices start at 10:30am. We may deliver you anytime after 10:30 but before your lunch time. Please do not expect it to be delivered piping hot at your exact lunch time.
  • Office deliveries will not be made to the customer hand to hand. Parcels will be left at the collection point (as specified by the customer during first few days of service)
  • Home deliveries will be done to customer face to face. But if not responded to door bell or any other reasons customer doesn't not show up, we must leave the parcel at the door.
  • Please do not ask the delivery boy to bring any items for you on the way to delivery. "We have received calls from customers asking to bring 1/2 Litre milk while coming" Out of concern we try to fulfill this but please don't make it a habit. Thank You. It basically disturbs the delivery schedule, while others are waiting for their meals.
  • At last moment customers call " Bhaiyya meal double kardo" "Bhaiyya salad add kardo" please do not expect this request to be fulfilled everytime. As per our Service Model, Our cooks prepare the set meals as per bookings. For a typical Dinner: Meals are done ready and packed by 7:30pm (at the most) and delivery starts at 8:00pm. So how can we fulfill a request if it comes at 7:30pm. Customers say "delivery to 9:00 baje hogi maine to 7:30 baje call kiya hai, problem kya hai" Problem ye hai sir, ki,Itni jaldi khana banake deliver karna hai to sab fridge me bana ke rakhna padega, aur wo hum karte nai Sir!!
  • Thank You for your time.
  • Rest Assured, we are a happy meal service, we wont let you suffer in any way. You will get everything from us as you expect, BUT the key is to SHOW PATIENCE :)



Junk foods can hamper your development and may eventually make your brain weak and non-functional

Junk foods can be a treat to the taste buds, but the ill effects of these foods widely known. Its regular consumption can have adverse effects on your health and may cause irreparable damage to the body. Several scientific researchers have proven that junk food can leave you prone to heart diseases and may eventually make your brain weak and non-functional.

What are Junk Foods?

Any food that has no or negligible nutritional value can be considered as junk foods. Most of the fast foods, including candy, bakery products, burgers and sausages, salty and oily snacks or soft drinks can be categorized as junk food. They have a high calorie content, salts and fats. The more we consume these, the less is the intake of essential nutrients and vitamins in the body.

Consumption of junk food can lead to a lot of health problems, some of them are mentioned below.

Increased Obesity

One of the most common side-effects of consuming junk foods is increased obesity. It's composition of loads of sugar, calories and fats contribute to weight-gain. Obesity can cause many medical issues like diabetes, joint-pain and heart diseases.

Loss of Memory and Learning Problems

A study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that people who ate junk food performed poorly in cognitive tests. It concluded that junk foods can deteriorate your memory and can leave with you with a weaker brain.

Lead to Depression

Junk foods are loaded with high sugar and fats that can cause certain chemical reactions in the brain which affect its functioning. By consuming too much of it, the body loses essential nutrients and amino acids. These symptoms eventually lead to inability of brain to deal with stress and can leave you feeling depressed.

Worsens Appetite and Digestion

Consumption of excess junk food leaves the brain in a dilemma. Excessive sugar intake can cause blood sugar level to fluctuate and makes the brain demand more food, which eventually leads to overeating. It makes it difficult for the body to digest excessive junk food.